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Last Update: Tue Oct 06 18:47:54 +0100 2009


  • Added support for sending SMS to multiple recipients.


  • API host can now be customized (John Gibbons)
  • Fixed bug with the ampersands in messages, they are now escaped properly (John Brice)
  • Removed reliance on Object#blank? which was causing some compatibility issues (Greg Bell)
  • Added :callback option support (Greg Bell)
  • Added new test mode (Pivotal Labs)


  • Added support for mobile originated flag (courtesy Dan Weinand)
  • Added support for WAP push (experimental, courtesy Zhao Lu)
  • Updated specs to use Mocha instead of the built-in RSpec mocking
  • Improved specs in general


  • Custom alphanumeric sender would not always be supported by default unless it was explicitly enabled using the req_feat parameter.


  • Added API debug mode and —debug option to sms utility
  • Restructured API classes into individual files
  • Refactored command execution into a separate object (CommandExecutor).
  • Major refactoring of API module - converted it to a class with API methods implemented as instance methods. Code is much cleaner and Connection class becomes redundant. See updated documentation.


  • Display proper message status, not just the code
  • Make it possible to specify custom :from number/name using SMS utility
  • Added support for custom :from number/name when sending a message.
  • Added support for checking message status to sms utility
  • sms utility now returns the id of a successfully sent message.
  • Capture API KEY errors.
  • Make sure errors are handled when using sms utility to check balance.


  • Added Clickatell API error handling to API and sms utility.
  • Handle required/optional arguments for sms utility correctly
  • Added further sms utility usage information to website
  • Make sure sms utility gracefully handles missing recipient/message
  • Added balance query support to API and SMS utility (—check-balance).

0.1.0 2007-08-17

  • Initial release.